Tomorrow I turn 40…

….so I figure today is a good day to begin this thing.

I have been meaning to start a good blog for ages…but after reading Chris Guillebeau’s $100 Startup, Jon Acuff’s Start and Michael Hyatt’s Platform, I’ve been inspired to put thoughts into action.

If you look at the About Me or the About the Site pages you’ll get an idea of what to expect, but in brief:

The Blog.

I am the Creative Arts Director at Easthampstead Baptist Church in Bracknell, UK, a role I have had for over 10 years. As well as being responsible for all of the creative content that happens on a Sunday, I also manage and lead the worship teams.

This is my personal blog. It is focused on sharing creative ideas and content for church services. Everything that is posted here has been used in different contexts with our services. My goal is to enable churches of all sizes to be able to use creative artistic content to present their messages more effectively.

I will typically post three times a week, mainly sharing:

  • The Prodigal Jukebox: is where you will find songs that aren’t necessarily congregational, but will help illustrate or enhance a message or series
  • The Prodigal Screen: is where you will find clips from movies or TV shows that will also illustrate or enhance.
  • Sunday Ideas: is a catch all for other creative content, be it drama, interaction, all age games and illustrations

There will be other posts about this that and the other, and I’m sure it will develop into something quite useful. And on top of that I am going to make available the skits and scripts that we use for our services, as well as the documents and admin that we use to run the teams and church.

So do come back, do sign up, do browse the site, and let me have your comments and feedback…I value your contributions and am up for the discussion!

Now, off to eat birthday cake…

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