The Friendship Algorithm

Now when you’re looking for illustrations or examples of friendship, where do you start? The Bible? Do you speak to good friends that you have? Or search out some friendship movies or books?

There was of course Friends, who were always there for us…for 236 episodes that are still on constant repeat today. Bill and Ted were great friends, Harry, Hermione and Ron stuck together through the whole of the Harry Potter series and beyond. Elliott and ET were great friends until ET went home…Buzz and Woody stayed together long after Andy stopped playing with them, Chewie and Han always looked out for each other. And When Harry met Sally they became more than just friends.

But before I show my age by revealing any more favourite movies, the obvious place to start is by looking at Dr Sheldon Cooper, as we all know how well he makes and keeps friends…

We are all big Big Bang Theory fans in our household, and as with so many of these series, while they are proper funny they also tell us some great stories about life, relationships and the day to day…that dare I say I can relate to possibly too often? Or maybe I shouldn’t say that.

In this clip Sheldon is wanting to make friends with Kripke so that he can use his super computer. But as we know, Sheldon (putting it politely) isn’t the best at relationships. So he does what all scientists do…he creates a friendship algorithm.

We are using this on Sunday as an illustration as to how not necessarily to make, or be, a friend. This is a precursor to the final part of our series, Not Just Sundays, where we are looking at accountability partnerships and prayer cells.

And if you’re really, really interested, someone has gone to the trouble of recreating the algorithm for your use/pleasure:

What about you? How do you make friends? And how do you maintain friendships?

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