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Teamwork. We all know there’s no “I” in team, all there is a “me” if you look hard enough….go on, you just checked, didn’t you?

We looked at Badminton for One a few weeks back, where we were established community doesn’t work so well if you do it on your own. We can achieve so much more when we work together…and if we share our time and resources with those who have a common interest and are “on the ground” as such, our resources will go so much further and achieve much more.

Now this ad is admittedly for a Belgian bus company, and the message is to get more people to take the bus than drive…which of course is a very valid and worthy message, even if you don’t live in Belgium. But aside from the great message, and very funny animation, it does highlight the benefits from working as a team, partnering, and strategically focusing on goals together.


This coming Sunday our service is focusing on Tearfund, one of our world mission partner organisations. We have partnered with Tearfund for many years, although recently we have become even more specific with our links and are now supporting a church in Nambeo, Uganda. You can read a post about it here, as well as view some pictures. It is a great relationship, as we are much more focused on what we are doing and where rather than just giving money to a general cause. One of our congregation went to Uganda in 2013 with an aid organisation, and we hope to send a team out there some time in the future.

Dorothy Springer Trust

At the same time we have been doing amazing things in Sierra Leone with a member of our congregation who moved back there and his church in Sierra Leone, Regent Road Baptist Church. Again, there is a real focus as we have strong links and productive partnerships with all involved, and can see day to day the difference which is being made, both with the charity and also with the church and the work they do around Sierra Leone. I encourage you to read up on Abs story and the Dorothy Springer Trust  he is running in Freetown. I was there in February, and I can’t wait to be back again.

Working in community, working as a team, working in partnership. We are so much stronger and achieve so much more when we work together. So why don’t you try applying a “We” mentality rather than a “Me” mentality this coming week?

Are there areas in your life that you could make a difference with if you shared the load?

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