We all fall down

I first heard Tom Baxter when he was supporting one of the artists I was working for at the time. It was just coincidence they were on the same label, so he had been sent out to push his new album…the upcoming artist getting some much needed exposure on the back of someone much biggestaircase1r. The venue was the Albert Hall, which added to the pressure, and of course, only being the support act meant a short time slot at the beginning with a small band and limited equipment. What followed was quite astonishing to me, and it’s stuck with me ever since.

Apologies, I couldn't find this anywhere on YouTube!!!

This Boy on the MTV site

Now not only does Tom Baxter possess an incredible voice, his songwriting is quite exceptional too. And it raises the eternal question (which I won’t even attempt to answer now), how do the charts manage to assemble such a hit parade of misses, when there are artists like Tom whom don’t seem to get a look in?

This boy fell down, and now he’s upstanding,
This boy broke down and now he’s got himself going,
‘Cause we all fall down, we all fall down,
But we all stand up somehow

This boy questioned, ‘Will I ever, ever make it through?’
Oh but thank god, this boy’s back now and he’s sticking round to tell you,
That we all fall down, Yeah we all fall down,
But we all stand up somehow?

We all fall down

‘Cause we all fall down. We do! Growing up we go through the toddler stage, learning to take those first steps. Or maybe the first time your stabilisers are taken off of your bike, and you wobble down the street. Or as we get older, whether it’s in keeping new year resolutions, keeping to a gym regime, trying to not eat the second (third?) slice of cake…to websites we know we shouldn’t visit, “friends” who we would be better not to see, habits we formed long ago which are so hard to break. But we also have a choice when we fall, just as we did when we were kids. Do we stay on the floor and wallow, or do we stand up, dust ourselves off, and get going again? And also the way we get up…what we do after we’ve fallen…and what we learn from it can make a big difference to how we go through life.

We all fall down. And we will continue to fall. Choose to stand up, keep going, keep trying, and the next time you fall, it won’t be so far, it won’t be so hard, and the getting up will be easier.

Judgement Day – Hey Ref!

Have you ever felt unfairly judged, or that someone has made the wrong assumption about you? Maybe you’ve been quick to jump to conclusions about someone else, or in the heat of the moment you’ve said something you shouldn’t have, and now you’re not quite sure how to undo it. I know that I’ve done it, and I continue to do it…and the majority of TV soap operas and cop shows base their story lines on the premise.

This clip from Outnumbered shows Karen, their youngest daughter, taking it upon herself to referee a “friendly” tennis match with her dad and his friends. Karen judges according to her own understanding of tennis games (probably on a par with my football knowledge) while one of the tennis players takes it all a bit too seriously. The outcome, predictably, is hilarious.

Referee’s decision?

As we’re moving towards the end of another football world cup, there have been many refereeing decisions made about possible goals, the conduct of players and of course the infamous offside rule. To be honest, I have never been much of a football fan, so haven’t really been paying much attention to any of the matches…so I catch the edited highlights on the news each day. So to be seasonal we’re using the World Cup as a loose theme for our current series, this week looking at judgement.

God is the ultimate judge, and is often portrayed as such…smiting the heathens, frowning on our mistakes and ultimately testing us against his book when we’re before him on judgement day…do we go up or down? But our God is not a vengeful God…he doesn’t run around us, waving a red card and waiting for us to trip up. He judges with love and grace, and wants us to succeed.

Organised chaos

Without a referee, football would be anarchy (some may say it already is)! Without a moral referee, the world would be in chaos. Our moral compass is an argument for the existence of God.

God is perfect and holy, and therefore we will always fall short…but he made a way for us to be on the right side. Judgement is a good thing to help keep us on the right track, to help with our decisions, and to aid our direction. Through Jesus we will be judged righteously and ultimately be redeemed. No final warnings, no red cards, no dismissals. If God is on our side, who can be against us?

Is your view of God as a judgemental referee or as someone who is cheering you on?