Mistaken Identity

Now I don’t know how old you all are, but when I was going through secondary school, Neighbours was an after school staple. Every lunchtime and evening before tea we got our 25 minutes of good neighbours, with Harold and Madge, Mrs Mangle, Jim Robinson and Toadfish. Unbelievably it is still going (some 6975 episodes as of this week!). Perhaps most famously it launched the careers of Kylie and Jason, Natalie Imbruglia, and less successfully Stefan Dennis aka Paul Robinson. But the subject of todays post is Delta Goodrem, who played schoolgirl and musical prodigy Nina Tucker…in the show she was an aspiring singer while at school, in reality her label had got her cast in the soap to relaunch her career…product placement at it’s finest?!

Mistaken Identity was taken from her second album, and the video, like the song, is tremendously produced…I personally think it looks and sounds fantastic, although I can’t make much sense of the video… The lyrics and the inspiration for the song actually came from Delta’s cancer battle, and how it had changed her outlook on life.

Who are you?

Do you have a case of mistaken identity? Do you know who you are, why you’re here, what your purpose is? I wrote on Friday about finding your calling and realising your passions, based on the passage in Jeremiah where God tells him he has been chosen. I was watching a video interview today between Michael Hyatt and Jeff Goins, where they were talking about being consistent in your blogging. It was a great watch, with some great take homes to digest and work on. But one of the things which stuck out, and I have read and heard pretty consistently since I started doing this blog was about picking yourself, and giving yourself permission.

Only you can do what you can do. I mean, there are thousands of bloggers, drummers, singers, CEO’s, guitarists, Doctors. If I stop blogging today then there will still be thousands of other blogs to read. If Bruce Springsteen retires this week (of his 65th birthday), there will still be musicians releasing records. But the key is only Bruce can sing, write and perform like Bruce. There are several Doctors at my local surgery, they all will have a slightly different opinion, but they will all make me better if I visit them. Other people could write this blog, but no one will produce it the way I do…and no one ever will…for better or for worse!

You were put here to have a specific voice, a given talent, a message to share. As I said on Friday, I can trace my journey to here back over many years, school bands, “chance” meetings, education and friends and family and opportunities…a whole stream of events which, if taken in isolation would make for an interesting story, but taken as a whole describe my story and journey. I have the background, the experience, the knowledge to do this. But there is one missing piece.


Confidence is the thing which makes all the difference. I can read all of the manuals, watch the instructional videos, and apply it. I can practice in my bedroom, write endlessly on this laptop, devise endless plans and lists. But if I don’t have the confidence to deliver, to perform publicly, to ship it, then I am just a hobbyist. If I give myself the permission, if I call myself a professional, and step up to the microphone, I have broken a significant mental hurdle.

I used to be the drummer at the back of the band, quite happy to play a supporting role in the band, be involved from the sidelines but never quite be in the spotlight, not quite upfront. And then someone called me out on it, knowing I could play guitar and sing, and had a heart for it…they got me to lead the band from the front. And to be honest, I was as nervous as anything, felt way out of my comfort zone and was pretty sucky the first few times that I lead the band. But I stuck at it. I practiced, I learnt, I grew in confidence, and I called myself a worship leader. And now, I am as comfortable leading from the front as I am playing at the back.

Have you worked out your calling, your gifting? If you have, where are you using it? Are you working in your sweet spot, or working up to it? Most importantly, have you given yourself permission? Have you called yourself a writer, a lead guitarist, a preacher, a professional? Have you got everything else in place apart from your mindset?

God chose you. Now choose yourself.

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