I am of an age where The Spice Girls were my generation, I own some of their albums and the limited edition tin box with the movie, and I can honestly and categorically to this day still say Sporty Spice was my favourite. Not because I have a thing for shell suits and leisure sportswear, I don’t have any tattoos, and general fitness (let alone high kicking in tracksuit bottoms) is not something that you’ll find me doing anytime soon. Actually a friend of mine was an engineer at one of the studios when they were recording their first album…and he came home that day to say “there’s this bunch of girls recording this week…they’re called the Spice Girls…and they’re rubbish! Never going to go anywhere!” Some 80 million sales later, I think it’s safe to say he won’t ever work in A&R…

Farewell, Sporty

Anyhow, once the Spice Girls went their separate ways, they inevitably released their own solo albums, with varying degrees of success. But now some 20 years down the line, Mel C is the only one that continues to carve a musical career…something she’s done pretty successfully as well. Several album releases, her own label, regular touring, and even a critically acclaimed stint as Mary Magdalene in the updated Jesus Christ Superstar…in my humble opinion she was Most Talented Spice.

I also own all of her solo albums, because they are actually all rather good. And as she’s developed her own sound, set up her own label and taken control of her career; her sound and songwriting (and she does do her own writing) have settled into a distinct and personal rhythm which I personally really rather like. This track is taken from her sophomore album, Reason, and it’s another fantastic track called Melt.

Give a little bit of love for your people
But save a little bit of love for yourself
Have a little bit of trust in the way you feel
And see your heart melt

Send a little bit of hope down the airwaves
Find a little bit of gold, it might help
You’ve got to have a little bit of faith in everything you know
Then let your heart melt

Everyone needs compassion

This past Sunday we had Jamie Fyleman from Tearfund talk to us about their work overseas, and specifically a project that we have partnered with them on in Uganda. It is amazing the difference a small amount of money, a bit of time, and knowledgeable direction can make. Tearfund aren’t about spending lots of money to support people, they are about getting people to understand how they can make their own situations better for a sustainable future. Knowledge is power. Tearfund, like so many organisations are making a difference, and they know how and where to focus their efforts. The problem of course is money, and in our current climate it is more difficult than ever. And I think that we can suffer from charity fatigue; as we have a 24 hour news cycle broadcasting all that is wrong in the world, it is all too easy to zone out, to focus inwards, and to take care of our own needs. But if we can share just some of what we have, be it time, money, or even volunteering, we can make a real difference…we just need to let our hearts melt.

What one thing can you do to make a difference, today?

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