Manic Monday

Its Bank Holiday here in the UK which means I have an extra day off, and inevitably it’s raining. I’ve also just come back from FortyFest, a mini festival that one of my old friends organised (very successfully) to celebrate his 40th birthday. There was a beer tent, fish and chip van, hot water on tap (tea and coffee is always an important consideration, even in the middle of a field), and a 40ft trailer that doubled as a stage.

We had several bands for our listening pleasure, including a trio that possibly should have concentrated more on tuning their instruments, a guitarist dressed as an angry bird, and his singer doing a cover of The Final Countdown with the synth riff played on a kazoo. Variety was the order of the day, and we had plenty of it. It was a really special occasion, and a great opportunity (aside from the dad dancing) to catch up with friends that we hadn’t seen for a while.

As I was sat in the field at FortyFest, supping warm beer, picking grass out of my chips and listening to the music, an old song came up that I haven’t heard for a while:

1986, I was 12 and discovering pop music and girls…and that same year The Bangles released this great pop song, Manic Monday. The all girl group had a string of hits including Walk like an Egyptian and the number one slow dance song, Eternal Flame. I remember going to a guitar show later as a teenager and Rickenbacker Guitars had released a Susanna Hoffs signature model…I don’t think they sold many of the guitars, but I know that the posters of Susanna and her guitar disappeared very quickly (I know the guitarist in my band at the time had one up in his bedroom!)

Originally written by the ever prolific Prince for another of his bands, The Bangles took the song (with his permission of course) and made it their own…”Banglesed it” as they said. With the iconic chorus:

It’s just another manic Monday
I wish it were Sunday
‘Cause that’s my fun day
My I don’t have to run day
It’s just another manic Monday

So aside from packing down a tent in the rain and negotiating traffic, this Monday has been relatively easy. But so many Mondays aren’t this way…I know for me too often it’s not a day I look forward to. This is a great opener for a work series series at church. We at EBC have used it on a few occasions: when looking at work/life balance, making good use of our sabbath, and just examining work in general.

What do you do to prepare for Mondays? And does your Monday ever intrude on your Sunday?

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