Just a girl…standing in front of a boy…

Love…is a funny thing. And some would argue there’s none funnier than a Hugh Grant movie. (some would of course argue the opposite, but I’m not one of them….)

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know this clip. The pivotal moment when Anna Scott (the film star) comes to William Thacker’s travel book shop (so called as it only sells travel books…and not many of those). Their relationship has never really properly got off the ground…but there’s clearly a spark there. So she comes to give it one last try…”I just wondered if…maybe if I stayed…we could spend some time together, and you could see if you might…like me again….”

Can I just say….

This is the response…and it’s not a positive one. And of course she delivers the heart breaking line…”I’m just a girl….standing in front of a boy….asking him to love her…?” Heartwarming stuff. Mrs K and I always cuddle up a bit closer at that point (she just says I’m fluffy….)

So another day, another Julia Roberts movie…what’s the deal you say? I know we only used a Notting Hill clip the other week, but as I made reference last time, this is one of my favourite movies…and this is my blog…so there! Well we’ve just finished a series on Great Prayers, and used this clip. And while for some Julia Roberts (or Hugh Grant) may be the answer to their prayers…we were using it for something far more serious:

Asking you to love Him.

God wants to hear our prayers. God longs for us to talk to him. He is calling. He is waiting. Jesus longs to meet us there. But as in all relationships, this is a two way thing. We have to make a step. We have to make a decision. We have to talk. So just Anna is stood in front of William saying “I’m just asking you to love me”, without wanting to make it seem pithy…God is too often stood in front of us saying “I’m just asking you to love me”. And we can choose to say yes….or no.

What’s your answer….have you had that conversation…? Yes or No?