January ideas and resources

So we’re (almost) at the end of the month, and as we looked at all things new this January, I thought I’d share some of the things I’d been using for inspiration and training and will be for the rest of the year:

Resource heaven?

Resource heaven?

  • Choose Life by Simon Guillebaud is a great collection of readings for the year which I was introduced to by my boss, Chris. Each day has a verse, a reading, and a prayer. We did Simon’s course More Than Conquerors as a small group, highly recommended.
  • Become an Idea Machine is a book I bought off of the back of James Altucher’s book Choose yourself! It’s a great premise, you have an idea muscle which needs to be exercised, so the more you do it, the stronger it gets. So you have to come up with 10 ideas a day, every day, for 180 days. Each day has a separate challenge/inspiration, so far I have journalled 10 things I don’t like which I’ve turned into things to be grateful for, 10 apps I would like to use (that don’t exist), 10 movies which caused a deep impression…and so on. I do it at the beginning of every day, and it’s hard…but good!
  • With by Skye Jethani is a great book I started last year and am just finishing. He looks at how we often approach God from four angles: Over, Under, For and From, and how we should be With God. Thought provoking…
  • …as is his daily email With God Daily. Skye is one of those inspirational writers who thinks different but is approachable and understandable. Really enjoying these in my inbox.
  • The Passion movement is something we always draw inspiration from, and their annual album often forms the basis for our musical worship for the year. I get the Digital All Access Pass every year as there is so much content. Great music, great messages, great organisation.
  • Truefire is an online guitar teaching resource, you can access it on your computer, there are apps as well, and there are plenty of courses to help you improve your playing and get some new ideas. I’ve bought the course on open tunings (something I’ve wanted to get a better understanding of), Fretboard Phenom and 50 blues licks you must know (as I wanted to learn some better lead). The courses are cheap and often discounted, and you get video tuition, music and downloads. I am not yet John Mayer, but I still play a mean rhythm guitar!
  • I do a daily reading on YouVersion, it’s a free app, and they have lots of different daily plans you can follow. I’ve just finished the Catalyst Leadership plan and am currently working through a 30 day Oswald Chambers plan. They’re really easy to follow, it’s a great bible reading/study app. And did I mention it’s free!

So that’s my lot for this month…I will update on things I am reading, using and writing. And I hope you will come back to paulkerslake.com for some resources and inspiration yourselves!

What resources have you discovered for 2015?


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