We’re all going on a Summer Holiday

The Great British Summer. Ice creams by the beach, lazy picnics, ball games…umbrellas, day trips stuck in the car and board games in a tent. We are now not far away from the summer break, we are all as a family counting down to the holidays (it can’t come quick enough for some of us), and hoping for more seasonal weather this year.
It’s also the time of year at church when everything slows down; we cut back on services and our regular gatherings enter a semi state of hibernation as everyone disappears on holiday. We’ve tried various different ways of tackling this in the past…from crossing our fingers and hoping for the best, turning up on a Sunday and seeing who else is there, to closing down all together and saying “good luck….see you September!”


But summer is an opportunity…while the attendance varies hugely, it’s often a time for regular members to bring visiting family, or for visitors from other places to check you out while they’re on holiday. And if they’re greeted by your third best speaker, a team who aren’t quite sure how to switch on the lights, and a worship team of drums, recorder and banjo…they possibly won’t leave with the best impression, let alone come back/
So this summer, make a point of planning for the break:
  • While we know our leaders and volunteers will be away (and for sure everyone needs a holiday), we still rota for each week (we didn’t always do this)
  • We set a complete summer series so there is a consistent plan for our speakers to follow (this year it’s “Barbecues of the Bible…”).
  • We only have the one Sunday service each week, and it is all age…so no children’s work to rota, a reduced time commitment on a Sunday and more of the day to enjoy the (potential) sunshine.
  • I get holiday dates in advance from my band so I can make sure we have a consistent line up for each and every week…not always easy, but better than “seeing who turns up on Sunday…” (again, we didn’t always do this, and had some infamous bands including the six guitarists and a singer, or the “Black Keys” week, drums and guitar solo).
  • And we get commitment up front…everyone knows what they’re responsible for and when.

Summer plans

Don’t let this Summer vacation be a vacation of your congregation. I am sure you already plan every Sunday…so make sure you continue to do the same for your summer holiday. Or else this may happen….

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