Easter Ideas

I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your notice that Easter is just around the corner. Well I say that, but I’ve only just noticed I hadn’t organised a band for our Good Friday service…doh! Anyhow, I thought this would be great opportunity to share some of the songs and medias which we have used over the past few years… So, without further ado:

Thief by Third Day: I’ve always found this an incredibly powerful song, telling the story of Jesus’ crucifixion from the perspective of the thief beside Him. In fact I’m working on a script which could be used as part of an Easter service inspired by just that.

Forever featuring Kari Jobe. I love this song, although we haven’t yet tried it congregationally (I’m not entirely sure it will work as a congregational song…please correct me if you have done it), it is still incredibly powerful and uplifting. Easter Sunday for sure. And more clips from The Passion of the Christ…

We use a lot of SkitGuys videos and scripts for our services (when we’re not writing our own material) because they are well produced, bang on message and generally just really, really good. This drama/video is called The Birdcage, and is worth a watch.

Nichole Nordeman and Crimson. She is the most amazingly poetical artist, I highly recommend all of her albums (there are only 4 to date, and nothing since 2005). We put this song to a very simple video just showing crimson drops into a pool radiating circles…an amazing song.

And lets finish on this: When Love Sees You, sung by Mac Powell (of Third Day) from The Story project, the corresponding album which was written by Nichole Nordeman (and every track on there is amazing)…this song (and this video) always just stop me in my tracks. Hope that’s given you some useful inspiration and ideas for Easter.

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