Dreams Part 3

I thought I’d finish off the “Week of Dreams” as it’s turned out with this short:

Ormie the pig becomes focused on getting the cookie jar from the to of the fridge. Now clearly this isn’t a healthy obsession, either in terms of consuming a whole jar of cookies, or the measures he has to take to reach the jar. But it is funny.

Everyone’s dreams are different, we all have varied goals and desires which we’d like to pursue and achieve. For some they will always be pipe dreams, for others they may become obsessions. But, as I’ve referred to in previous posts, dreams won’t become reality unless you’re prepared to stick at them and work hard at achieving them. And working hard and putting the time in, while a good thing, needs to be balanced with normal life, family and friendships. When dreams border on obsession, there is a shift whereby your focus on the end goal becomes blurred, and all else around you pales into insignificance. Objectivity goes out of the window, life takes a back seat, and before you know it everything around you has fallen apart while you obsess on the solitary goal.


The journey is as much a part of realising your dreams, in fact I’ve read many times the journey is often more important than the destination. And the thought of reaching your end goal and then turning around to see the carnage you’ve left on the way is not a pretty one. Kind of like when my kids decide to do some baking…great cakes, disaster in the kitchen.

Work Hard, Play Hard is a commonly known phrase which is often used…I’d maybe like to rebalance it as Work Hard, Play Nice, or Work Hard in Moderation, Play Gently…I know they don’t have the same ring, but make more sense to me…

So work hard on your dreams, but make sure that when you do realise them, there is someone left to share them with at the end.

Until next week…

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