Creation. No matter what your viewpoint, whether you’re Big Bang or 7 days, creationist or evolutionist, happy accident or divine intervention…everyone must agree we came from somewhere?

We at EBC are exploring creation as part of our current “Case For” series, so I thought as a simple end to the week, I’d share the two clips we’re using. The first on is a classic Sheldon moment from Big Bang Theory (do you know how difficult it is to find this clip when you type “Big Bang Theory Creation” into You Tube?

The second clip is a lovely little sequence from the Russell Crowe “Noah” movie, which itself attracted plenty of criticism. But as a general illustration of creation, I think it’s a great piece of media:

Now it’s Friday evening and I’m not even going to attempt to pick apart the different arguments for and against…there are plenty of better informed people than I. My own take on it? I don’t believe we’re here by some accident, I do believe in an intelligent designer, I do accept the world being created in seven days (although I also have a view as to what “a day” may be in God’s timescale and I finally don’t see why evolution and creation would be incompatible.

What I’m generally more interested in is not how we got here, but what we actually do in the short time we have on this earth.

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