Come Talk To Me

Peter Gabriel was, I believe, at his finest between the So and Us albums. Or maybe that’s just the era that I first started really listening, thanks to a university housemate at the time who also introduced me to Radiohead and Underworld. Either way, they have stuck with me all this time, and still receive deserved repeat plays.

And then the concert experience that is Us is something to behold. Performed in the mid 90’s when live shows were evolving into something more than just music, it was an immersive and spectacular experience using media, multiple cameras and innovative stage sets to illustrate the songs. Recently re-released on BluRay, Secret World Live is a great concert recording.

And the opening song, Come Talk To Me begins with Mr Gabriel appearing up from the middle of the stage in an old red phone box as the bagpipes (yes, bagpipes…we’re all inclusive here) play in the background, singing “Please, talk to me? Won’t you please, talk to me? Just like we used to be. Come on, come talk to me”.

We talk about prayer a lot at EBC, and we do also pray a lot at EBC. And we teach on prayer as well…why pray, how to pray, how prayers can be answered, what God wants of our prayers, why God wants our prayers. And this song is a great introduction to the subject…God wants us to talk to him, prayer is a conversation. And any conversation requires at least two.

He is so often waiting for you…Come Talk to Him.


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