Badminton for one

Have you ever tried to play badminton on your own? Or tennis? Or squash? (Actually, squash is feasible….) Or any bat and ball or team sport, but without a partner…or team? It’s not much fun, is it?

This week at EBC we were looking at community in church, referencing Acts 2:42 as our reference. Church should be all about community…it’s one of the many reasons that we meet together each week.

So to illustrate how commun20140519-173444-63284637.jpgity works, we played badminton….on our own. You could do the same with indoor cricket (soft ball recommended), or have a party for one, or football with an empty goal. Whatever you choose, the point is that community is no fun on your own.

disclaimer: I have never attempted to do any of the above in my normal life, but the I am also rubbish at sports.

How do you cultivate community?




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