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Hannah and Paul Kerslake.

Me and my better half, Hannah

I am a writer, musician, worship leader and Creative Arts Director at Easthampstead Baptist Church in Bracknell, UK, a role I have had for over 10 years. As well as being responsible for the creative content that happens in our Sunday services, I manage and lead the worship teams, meet as a ministry team to contribute to the other areas of the church and am currently working on EBC’s communication, focusing on social media, creating style guides and renewing our logo.

This is my personal blog. It is focused on sharing creative ideas and content for church services, and getting ministry teams to think more creatively about how they communicate their message. Everything that is posted here has been tried, tested and refined in different contexts within our services. My goal is to enable churches of all sizes to be able to use creative artistic content to enhance and communicate their messages more effectively.

I will typically post three times a week, sharing:

  • The Prodigal Jukebox: songs that may have escaped the church, but will help illustrate or enhance a talk or series. A mix of Christian and secular artists.
  • The Prodigal Screen: similarly to The Prodigal Jukebox, clips from movies or TV shows that will also illustrate or enhance a talk or series.
  • Sunday Ideas: a catch all for other creative content, be it drama, interaction, all age games and illustrations.
  • Creative Tuneup: lessons learnt and ideas found for managing, running and improving your creative teams and services.

I also write dramas and skits for our services and events; there are some short skits that illustrate points or raise questions to be resolved. We also have an annual Christingle on Christmas eve which I have written a longer drama for, this is always Christmas themed and all age focused…it is one of our best attended Christmas events. These scripts are available from my shop for sale here…and again, all have been tried and tested in our church!

If you have any questions, comments, ideas or need help, contact me via email or follow me on Twitter. I’d honestly love to hear from you!

My Biography

I was raised in the Salvation Army and so was introduced to music at a very early age…I joined the band on a battered cornet when I was 8, and as I got bigger, so did the instruments…eventually settling on bass trombone and tuba. I discovered Level 42 and the bass guitar in my formative teenage years, also joining a hair metal/poodle rock band and forming a successful covers band called The Wiltons, performing The Beatles, The Beach Boys and other 60’s songs.

I finally bought my first drum kit aged 18, something I had always wanted to play, and took this new found skill to Kingston University where I studied Music and Technology. While there I met my wife to be, Hannah, and once we had both graduated got married and settled in our local church in Kingston, St Pauls, where Hannah led worship and I played drums.

In 2001 we moved to Bracknell to start up a new church plant focused on making church accessible to non-church attenders, with a strong slant on the arts, media and creativity. When the senior minister of the parent church left to take up a new post, we went through the process of bringing all of the congregations together under the same roof. We now have multiple congregations that meet throughout the week, and use creative arts in all of our services to illustrate and reinforce the message.

I manage the worship team and lead worship regularly on a Sunday, as well as overseeing and creating the artistic content that we use in our services. This blog will always share content that we have used in our services.

I also work four days a week as a Royalty Accountant for the music business, primarily processing statements and royalties for artists, record labels and publishers.

Hannah and I have been happily married since 1999, and we have three great children, Abi, Naomi and Joel, who are all budding musicians. We will at some point form a Family von Kerslake tribute band to the Sound of Music at some point.

When I have spare time, I love to listen to music, watch movies, read, and fiddle with guitars…so my social life interjects with my work life all the time. I also love to play with Lego, technology including all things Apple and avoid gardening. And my passion for cooking has led to me currently pursuing a health kick to counteract the inevitable outcome of enjoying my food a little too much…

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You can contact me via email or follow me on Twitter

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